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Copyright Damages and the Art of Trolling

By Cathleen A. Dettmann

Perhaps this has happened to someone you know or, even worse, to the errant teenager in your household: You get an innocent looking piece of mail from your cable provider. You almost throw it directly into your recycling bin, but decide to open instead. What you find inside is alarming… Read More


Copyright AB©s

By Cathleen A. Dettmann

We've all seen it: That often miniscule little "©" lurking in the bottom corner of pictures, articles, photographs and other types of creative media. Whether in print or electronic form, that symbol always means the same thing - this piece of work is copyrighted, and all potential copycats must beware.… Read More


The Pepsi Challenge: Suing To Disclose Trade Secrets Is The Choice Of A New Generation

By Kevin J. Palmersheim

Thomas Jefferson once paraphrased the English philosopher John Locke, by declaring that we all had the unalienable right to life, liberty and property. In the final draft of the Declaration of Independence property was changed to pursuit of happiness, perhaps because TJ ran the brand by the marketing department, or… Read More


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