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Communicating What Lawyers Do

By Kevin J. Palmersheim

When people ask me what work I do, I tell them I’m a lawyer. Sometimes I may specify that I practice business law and litigation, but I generally expect that the questioner will have a basic understanding of what it is that I do. In fact, the most common response… Read More


Lessons From Lincoln, Washington and King

By Kevin J. Palmersheim

From mid-January through February, the calendar includes some important, but often overlooked, dates. No, I am not referring to Valentine's Day or the annual Presidents’ Day Furniture sale (although if you happen to forget your significant other on Valentine's Day, it may be wise to pick up a comfortable couch… Read More


Research and Utilize a Variety of Resources to Help You Gain Business Knowledge

By Firm

We’ve all heard the stories of some successful entrepreneur who started a multi-million dollar company with little more than some garage space and $100 in their pocket. But those are the rarities, a handful out of the millions of people who jump into the entrepreneurial pool. That business model simply… Read More


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