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Family Food Empire Breaks Chains After Family Business Dispute – Part I, No One Should Watch How Link Litigation Is Made

By Kevin J. Palmersheim

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off may have solidified Abe Frohman’s status as the Sausage King of Chicago, but he’s got nothing on the Sausage “Links” of Minong, Wisconsin. A contentious family business dispute resulted in a complicated court case with competing allegations that family members were breaching their fiduciary duties. The… Read More


Automatic Renewal Clauses in Business Contracts May Require Mandatory Notices

By Firm

Many business contracts incorporate renewals, sometimes optional, and sometimes automatic. Automatic renewal clauses often caught businesses unaware, resulting in contracts being extended far beyond what the customer wanted. The Wisconsin legislature addressed the issue to protect businesses from unintended contract renewals. If your business offers equipment leasing or provides business… Read More


The Pepsi Challenge: Suing To Disclose Trade Secrets Is The Choice Of A New Generation

By Kevin J. Palmersheim

Thomas Jefferson once paraphrased the English philosopher John Locke, by declaring that we all had the unalienable right to life, liberty and property. In the final draft of the Declaration of Independence property was changed to pursuit of happiness, perhaps because TJ ran the brand by the marketing department, or… Read More


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