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Experienced Business Law and Litigation Services in Madison, Wisconsin

At the law firm of Haley Palmersheim, S.C., our dedicated attorneys and staff serve a wide range of business clients in transactional and commercial litigation services. We have designed our legal service to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ individual needs. The business litigation and commercial law attorneys that you speak with at Haley Palmersheim, S.C., will be the attorneys you will work with for the duration of your legal services.

We provide representation, advice and counsel for many business law issues, including:

Transactional Issues

  • Shareholder, Partnership and Operating Agreements:
    Drafting an effective shareholder, partnership and operating agreement is essential for any potential business dispute or dissolution that may occur down the road. We try to prevent business litigation in the future by anticipating problems today.
  • Buying and Selling Businesses:
    We represent buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of businesses, including the purchase of assets or shares of stock. We work closely with CPAs in business valuation, and draft contracts with the goal of preventing problems and business disputes in the future.
  • Business Formation:
    Our firm provides formation advice for corporations, LLCs and partnerships. We advise clients on the various types of legal entities and evaluate which options will work best for the situation. We also advise them on what steps they need to take to be successful and to minimize potential conflict in the future.
  • Estate Planning and Business Succession:
    Preparing for the succession of a business is critical, and how assets are distributed and conveyed can have significant tax consequences and other implications for subsequent generations. We help draft agreements for the company and its owners, as well as personal estate planning documents, to accomplish the client’s objectives and also minimize tax and other financial burdens.
  • Franchise Law:
    Franchising can be an excellent business opportunity, but can also pose a significant risk for franchisees and franchisors. We can assist in the drafting and review of franchise materials and can look out for potential problems.

Business Litigation Issues

  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes:
    Our firm represents clients who have been wronged and financially damaged by the acts of other parties in a business. A significant number of these intra-company disputes involve family businesses and disagreements among family members. Regardless of the type of business, many of our clients are able to settle their disputes without going to court, but when cases need to go to litigation, we are ready to provide superior litigation services.
  • Breach of Contract:
    When a breach of contract occurs in a sophisticated commercial transaction, it takes an experienced business attorney to help resolve the dispute timely and effectively. We work to resolve disputes over substantial business-to-business contracts.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty:
    Business owners, officers, directors, majority shareholders and others have a responsibility to perform certain duties and to maintain their honesty in those activities. When they do not, they may be liable for a breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Non-Compete Agreements:
    We advise and represent businesses in the drafting and litigation of non-compete agreements. These agreements must be drafted very strictly in order to be enforceable. The business attorneys at Haley Palmersheim have successfully enforced non-competition agreements they drafted all the way through the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We have also successfully challenge agreements in court while representing employees.
  • Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets:
    Our firm will register trademarks, trade names and service marks for clients and will also protect their registered trademarks from infringement, including taking infringers to court. Even if your mark is not formally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you may still have legally protectable rights.
  • Securities Fraud:
    When losses in securities are the result of misrepresentations made by someone selling or buying the security, or by a failure to disclose necessary information, that person may be liable for securities fraud. We have represented clients in securities fraud cases in both the Wisconsin and federal courts, as well as in arbitration proceedings.

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