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Experienced Business Formation Attorneys in Madison, Wisconsin

Starting a new corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is an exciting venture, but one that requires a lot of planning and knowledge of corporate law. It also requires an experienced corporate lawyer or LLC attorney to ensure that the business is set up properly, that owners are protected from personal liability, and that the business takes the proper steps to plan for the future.

At Haley Palmersheim, S.C., a corporate lawyer specializing in corporate law can advise and counsel new business owners and form relationships with those owners that will help them to navigate their legal issues throughout the life of the business. We understand the questions to ask during business formation and are able to prevent many potential issues from becoming problems down the line.

If you are starting a new corporation or LLC in Madison, WI, the communities in and around Dane County, Wisconsin, or elsewhere in Wisconsin, contact an LLC attorney or business start up lawyer at Haley Palmersheim, S.C. to make sure that your business formation is done correctly.

Business Formation Issues and Considerations

As a new or aspiring business owner, there are many legal, financial and contractual issues related to starting a business that you will have to answer and understand. At Haley Palmersheim, S.C., an LLC attorney or business start up lawyer will ask questions about a variety of factors to determine the best method of operation for your business and the road map for putting your business together properly.

These considerations include:

  • Should the business form as a corporation or an LLC?
  • Who will be the owners of the business?
  • Are the owners considered employees if they work for the company?
  • What is the difference between a “member managed” and “manager managed” LLC?
  • What should you do to limit personal liability for business matters, and what are the limits?
  • Where and with whom will business be conducted?
  • What tax implications may occur based on certain decisions?
  • What can you do if one of the members or partners wants to leave?
  • What happens if one of the partners or members dies?

A corporate lawyer at our firm will also help you draft and review employment agreements, non-compete agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements and more.

We offer experienced representation for business formation issues, as well as on-going business operations, including business transactions and business succession planning.

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