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Securities Fraud

Investments in stocks, bonds and other debt instruments or ownership interests can be risky. Most losses in these securities are the result of natural market forces, trends and other business factors. Occasionally, however, a loss of an investment may be partially or wholly attributable to misrepresentations made by someone selling or buying the security, or by the failure of that person to disclose information they had a duty to disclose before you invested.

In a closely-held corporation, the potential securities fraud is often by the corporate insiders who buy back shares of stock without disclosing information that would have the effect of increasing the price (such as recent sales at a higher price or offers by third parties to purchase the company). If your losses have been the result of wrongful action or fraud of an insider, you may be able to do something about it and recover your losses.

The attorneys at Haley Palmersheim are experienced in analyzing possible securities fraud cases under both federal and Wisconsin law. A securities fraud attorney can advise you on arbitration of securities disputes or on litigating the disputes in court. Because of the time limitations within which a party must bring a securities fraud claim, it is vital that you contact a securities fraud attorney as soon as possible after you discover or sense that fraud may have occurred.

Contact us at our Madison, Wisconsin office immediately by calling (608) 836-6400 if you think you may have been the victim of a securities fraud and speak with an experienced securities fraud attorney about your issue.

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