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Shareholder, Partnership & Operating Agreements

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No one going into business likes to think about these kinds of disputes, but unfortunately, they happen. What happens if you aren’t getting along with your partner, and someone wants out? What if someone dies? If you don’t have a written agreement, you could end up with a result you never would have wanted.

The answer is simple: hire an experienced contract attorney to help you with your partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, or LLC operating agreement. At Haley Palmersheim, S.C., we believe that the best time to think about potential business issues and business disputes is before they happen. When people are happy and excited about their business ventures, they are more willing to compromise over issues that may be sources of division later on, when the honeymoon period has ended.

In order to draft shareholder, partnership and operating agreements that will help prevent issues down the road, it is important to consult with an experienced business lawyer and/or contract attorney. At Haley Palmersheim, S.C., our business attorneys pinpoint potential issues that could occur in the future and draft agreements that will account for these concerns. As seasoned business litigators, we are better able to understand the causes of common business disputes and prevent those issues from turning into litigation.

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Shareholder, Partnership and Operating Agreements

When drafting a shareholder, partnership or LLC operating agreement that will adequately protect your rights in the future, there are many important aspects to consider. The owners need to consider more than who does what day to day, but also what happens if someone wants out, gets divorced, or dies unexpectedly. We look at the needs of the individuals involved in these agreements and their expectations for what will result if problems occur.

At Haley Palmersheim, S.C., we work with a wide variety of businesses, including family businesses, where problems might be more difficult to resolve. Our firm will draft agreements that have mechanisms in place to get people out of an unhappy situation. We have seen what happens when these responsible agreements are not in place and how business partners, friends and family members can have solid relationships turn bad due to poor business planning.

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